25 Tasks Your Business Can Delegate to a Virtual Company

By April 17, 2020 May 21st, 2020 Administrative, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Small Business

Maintaining your business can be hard. You want to do anything and everything to help your business thrive, but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the week to complete your to-do list. And when you look at all of your business’ tasks at-hand, there’s simply too much to do on your own.

We get it. Your business is important to you and you want to ensure everything is running smoothly. You want to see your business succeed. But you shouldn’t suffer from “Founder’s Syndrome” and think you always need to be the one doing everything!

To grow and scale your business, you need to be ready to get out of your own way.

It’s OK to look to other people for help!

Instead of that overwhelming feeling of looking at your to-do list, you could be running your business with ease. You could even put all of your focus onto one project without worrying about the other tasks you’re supposed to be working on.

And with recent advances in technology and changes in the business world, outsourcing is one of the best ways for you to complete more tasks than ever before.

Below is a list of 25 tasks you can delegate to an outsourcing team — allowing you to focus on what you do best as a business owner.

Administrative Services & Support

1. Transcription

2. Research

3. Travel and booking

4. Data entry

5. Inbound calls and voicemails

6. Customer support via email, phone or live chat

7. Schedule meetings

8. Text messages

9. File management

Employee Experience

10. Employee experience programs

11. Handbook creation


12. Website creation

13. Social media management

14. Blog writing

15. Graphic design and illustration

16. Email marketing

17. Video creation


18. Outbound calling

19. Onboarding support

20. Direct mail campaigns

21. Appointment setting


22. Financial strategy

23. Payroll

24. Bookkeeping

25. Financial statements

We know what you’re thinking. How can some of these tasks be delegated to a team that doesn’t work directly in the office with you?

That’s the beauty of outsourcing. You can hire a virtual team, one that doesn’t take up any office space, that will take any task you need off your plate.

And even though we listed 25 tasks, you can actually outsource any task to a virtual team!

Now you’re probably wondering who will consist of your virtual team. Could you imagine outsourcing all of these different tasks to different companies? There wouldn’t be cross communication, potentially causing your vision and strategy to fall apart.

We can’t have that.

To ensure that your business’ vision, strategy and ideas are being implemented across the board, it’s important for you to hire ONE virtual team. ONE team that will handle the bits and pieces for you. ONE team that will communicate with one another to make sure everything flows smoothly.

We call this team-sourcing. You won’t be outsourcing to several companies, hoping that you haven’t missed pertinent information between all of the communication from one team to another. You’ll be team-sourcing across one team that you can talk and strategize with!

The Centr can be that team for you.

You probably need help with one or more of these tasks. We’re ready to take it over for you so you can have more time and energy to put elsewhere.

Ready to take tasks off your plate and get your time back? Outsourcing will only help your business grow, and we’re ready to help.

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