5 Indicators that Outsourcing is For You

If you have been in business a while you might be thinking that it seems tougher now–and your right. Business is changing and there is SO much more to do! Customers and employees are demanding more and it is not necessarily a bad thing! People are craving that human experience and human connection in everything they do now. Customers want to have the journey that they want. So if you are feeling the strain of how complicated business has become then know that those feelings are understandable. Our hope is that with this blog you can begin to decide if outsourcing is a good solution for your business. But first let’s go over some of the pain points associated with running a business in today’s market. 

The Pain Points

Social Media: Changes CONSTANTLY. Regardless of what platforms you are using the algorithms change. Expectations change. It takes so much time to stay relevant on social media alone.

Tech: There are so many options for tech and software it is easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you weigh your options when you are inundated with different software all which serve different purposes? Then when you do make a decision it is further complicated by figuring out how they will integrate. For small start ups it can almost feel more complicated to introduce new technology then not.

Relationships: You have to build relationships with people. So on top of maintaining a social media presence and innovating/automating through tech you are expected to also still figure out how to network. If you don’t nurture leads right away they go on to the next option and there are plenty of other options. 

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

If you feel overwhelmed or exhausted by these pain points you are not alone! This is a common affliction among business owners. But you don’t have to be an island–outsourcing can be a great solution. However, if you are unsure, here are 5 indicators that will help you decide if outsourcing is the right option for you!

  1. You prioritize time and your lifestyle over money. This doesn’t mean money isn’t important to you or you are okay with not making money. Because a lot of times people who value their time are more systematic and tend to use it more wisely which in turn leads them to make more money. So it is actually a good thing if you do value your time and lifestyle over money.  
  2. You are struggling to find and KEEP talent. It is really hard to keep talent and with the talent that you do keep it is challenging to maintain productivity. On top of that there are a lot of things that are weighing on employees that could be affecting their work. All of these things could be playing into how difficult it may be for you to find and keep talent.
  3. You understand the value of focusing on your core competencies. If you don’t have time to focus on things that are most critical to your business then you will lose your edge. As a business owner you have to both understand that truth and prioritize it. 
  4. You prioritize innovations. In order to keep the competitive advantage you need to be able to think ahead and pivot. If you are stuck looking down and just reacting to what comes your way then you are going to fall behind your competitors. Even large corporations are not bulletproof. You have to be okay with redefining how you do business. Be open minded to solutions and better ways of doing things. 
  5. You acknowledge that business is more complicated now than it was 10 years ago. We have already touched on this–but the reality is that it IS more complicated. Acknowledging that can feel scary because there can be a lot of uncertainty attached to it. But living in denial can be the downfall of your business.

If you acknowledge and prioritize all of the things above then your business is a great candidate for outsourcing! You place value in all the right places which means you are already halfway to a sustainable, scalable and replicable solution! However, one concern business owners often feel is not having enough money to delegate to outsourcing costs. We understand, there has to be a time and money trade off to make outsourcing worth it. At The Centr, our goal is to work with businesses to find the outsourcing solution that best meets their needs. Oftentimes the best way for a business to start outsourcing is with baby steps. We have seen the positive impact even just a little relief brings to the business owner. They are able to approach things with a clearer head which is a liberating feeling! So all that is left is to determine if you want to be on a downward spiral or upward spiral and that decision should be one of the easiest ones you make!


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