5 Ways Large Companies Can Utilize Virtual Assistant Services

By June 22, 2018 April 20th, 2021 Virtual Assistant Services

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have understood the advantages of hiring virtual assistants for some time now. They reap the benefits of a complete workforce that they access on-demand for much less than the average overheads and hiring costs that a standard team would run. In fact, many businesses prefer the flexibility so much, their entire workforce is set up this way.

At The Centr we call the concept of virtual assistant services, “team-sourcing”; what that means is that our specialists become an extension of your team, expertly understanding your goals, processes, and culture. You send us the tasks that don’t need to be done in-house so that you can put your efforts back into the important things.

For businesses that don’t need full-time employees working around the clock, virtual help can be a no-brainer. But with large companies and corporations that already have an established structure in place, it can be hard for upper-level leadership to imagine how virtual assistant services can fit into the mix.

Innovation and modern technology make it easier than ever for businesses of any size to utilize virtual assistants for their outsourced tasks. Here is our guide to how large companies can also take advantage of the benefits.

One-Off Projects

Eager to try a new kind of marketing campaign but just don’t have the available bandwidth within your current department? Or maybe an employee has brought a particular issue to light, and no one on the team is sure how to handle it?

Regardless of the unique instances that call for it, there are bound to be projects that arise that the company simply doesn’t have the capacity or expertise to manage alongside current workloads. By hiring a virtual assistant for the job, you’re not only getting a unique perspective of creativity, you’re getting an entire company’s worth of skill and know-how – for less than the cost of hiring a single full-time employee.

Virtual assistant companies include a collection of people who are experts in all kinds of fields ranging from accounting to sales to marketing. They collaborate behind the scenes to make sure that projects of any kind are completed, with as much or as little input as you prefer to give. You can engage them for one project and then never use them again, but chances are you’ll see the benefits of virtual help after one task and be hooked. It won’t be long before you’ll see how that can help in a wide range of capacities!

Improved Efficiency

Never worry about staff turnover when it comes to simple, recurring tasks again; let your virtual assistants take on these types of tasks and never worry about them again. You no longer have to train and retrain when staff changes because your company of on-demand specialists never will. Once the task is automated and set in place you don’t have to think about it again – your new team will do the rest – unless you want to make changes or improvements to the process (and they may even be able to help you with that part!).

Not only do you avoid retraining new staff over and over, but you also ensure that your existing staff is able to focus on their own strengths. They aren’t constantly pulled away from the tasks they’re good at in order to pick up the slack created by the repeatable tasks elsewhere. You open up a new space that allows and encourages creativity, boosts productivity, and ensures accuracy.

Rapid Scalability

It can happen before you know it; an influx of new customers can rapidly increase company-wide workload, or a new project-type might simply be demanding more of the current staff than they’re capable of delivering on. You need to hire an entire team of people but don’t have the time to train or the money to handle the growth. What can you do?

When you hire virtual assistants it’s like you’re hiring a full team of people, but you don’t have any of the lengthy training times or high costs. You can use your on-demand team when you need them, so when things get busy you can easily scale up to accommodate it, and then scale back a bit when they quiet back down. It offers a level of flexibility that helps you avoid hiring and firing – and chances are you’ll quickly learn that they can help you with much more than you initially needed from them, too!

Fresh Creativity

Having a dependable team of people can be paramount to the success of a company; you trust your team infallibly, and know what kind of projects are right for which people. You consistently complete tasks and close deals across the board, and you fall into a pattern that has lead to great success – but it may be lacking innovation.

Predictability in business is great because it allows you to trust the process and plan easily around things that are already in place, but it doesn’t always encourage risk or growth. You know what they say about old habits, and once we get working in an expected flow it can be hard to imagine projects or ideas outside of that scope. We see the path of least resistance because we’re used to it; it’s what we look for and have been trained to see.

But the best ideas often come from outside of the box, and a virtual assistant company can help you better see this. Every member of a virtual team comes from a unique background and thrives in an environment that undergoes constant change, so they’re used to thinking on their toes. And, working with a variety of businesses at one time means that they’re less likely to fall into habits and more apt to find creative new ways of building projects and getting them done.

Cost-Saving Opportunity

You can’t talk about business without talking about budgets and bottom lines. They are a necessary evil to any successful business, but they don’t come without their built-in red tape, eventually reaching the popularity status of a four-letter word. But businesses don’t get very far by not thinking about money, and a virtual assistant can help with that.

When you hire virtual assistants you pay for the time you use and that’s it – there is no downtime, no water cooler talk, or slow days in productivity; you simply pay for the task to be completed and that’s it. No frills or hidden fees.

When business is slow you scale back the amount of work you send to your on-demand team. When things pick back up they easily ramp up with you; all without downtime for hiring and firing, no training or negotiations, just tangible results on the projects you send them.

As I stated before, you’re getting a full team of well-trained professionals on a need-by-need basis, so you have the freedom to mix-and-match the kinds of tasks you send. You can experiment with how projects are done and take risks with certain things because the stakes are so much lower. If an idea doesn’t work out it’s no hard feelings and onto the next one. Your team of professionals is ready for anything.

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The value of virtual assistant services is no secret to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but big companies can learn to reap the benefits too. There may be countless ways in which a large company can benefit from a virtual assistant for some of their tasks, but whatever your reason may be, just know that there isn’t any harm in trying. There’s no risk for testing out what it’s like to work with on-demand specialists because you’re in control; you’ve got the power and freedom to decide if and when you’re ready, or if flexible help is right for you.

With so little at risk and so much potential to be gained, my only question is what are you waiting for?