Be Willing to Listen to You

As a business owner or entrepreneur it is easy to get so busy that you forget to stop and slow down. Honestly, life can’t always be in perfect balance (and anyone who says it can be is probably selling something). The reality is, that it is easy to get lost in the busy shuffle. A more realistic expectation to set is that life is in balance 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time you are dealing with surges where you are heads down and full speed ahead. 

Don’t beat yourself up in those busy times. A lot is happening, there is a lot of momentum. But when life settles again it is important to stop and spend time reflecting on you and also reevaluating your priorities. Below are some questions you can ask yourself about your business in the slow times to make sure you are still on the right track!

Your Business Health Check:

  1. What areas of my business am I devoting most of my time to?
    1. Is that where I want to be spending the majority of my time?
  2. Are there any areas of my business that are being neglected?
    1. How is that impacting my business?
  3. Are there departments or employees that could be doing more?
    1. If so, where is the breakdown happening?
  4. Am I making goals that fuel my vision and am I progressing towards those goals?
    1. If not, then why?

The answer to the questions above will help you determine where your business is when you are coming out of a busy season. Don’t avoid these hard questions as they have a tendency to snowball when left unchecked. One of the best things you can do in the calm is to take time and regroup so that your business is healthy and energized for the next surge.

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