Business Is Not A Destination, It’s A Journey

Today we have the founder and CEO of The Centr guest blogging for us. Mia Paulus has been on an entrepreneurial journey for many years and can tell you for certain, business is a journey and not a destination. If you would like to know more about Mia you can visit her website at miapaulus.com

I have learned that the key to entrepreneurship is resilience. Today, I feel like I’m crossing a bridge to a new chapter of my life and business.  All the setbacks, hardships, and agony I have endured have been preparing me for what is ahead. I know I will have a new set of challenges, but I welcome them. I am excited about this new chapter —I can see my vision beginning to unfold. Not just part of my vision but my grand vision is all starting to happen. It makes me realize it truly was inspired from the start, revealed to me for the purpose of making it a reality.

The funny thing is I had this vision almost 15 years ago. So why did it take this long? The answer is timing.

Isn’t this quote so true? The reality is that many times, I thought…”This is it!”… “this is the breaking point to success”…but it was just another lesson to be learned. What I realized then is that business is not a destination, it is a journey. We all have a different journey with a different purpose and different things to learn. God knew I needed these 15 years to become the person I was meant to be. This time was meant to equip me for the challenges that await. This time was designed to prepare me for whatever adversity, trials, triumphs, and successes lie ahead.

I don’t show many people the grand vision I have for my company. I’ve learned that not everyone can understand what I can so vividly see. In fact, I wasn’t even positive it was truly a “revealed vision” until this past year. Only now am I finally starting to see the pieces come together which reinforce that which I have held onto for so many years. –Yes, I have patiently waited for this dream to come to pass in an organic way–free of force. I needed the right people, with the right talents and isn’t it amazing that these people showed up right when I needed them. I am ready for anything, now more than ever before.


But that doesn’t stop the slow creep of Doubt from prying it’s way in.


Doubt says: Are you really the most qualified person to tackle this? After all, you’re just an average woman with many faults. 

Doubt says: Why should you be the one to do this? There are others that speak better than you, write better than you, know more than you. 

However, because I believe in being true to my purpose…I will do what I feel called to do–despite Doubt. I won’t limit myself to just what is exciting, what I’m good at, or what I like to do. That would suffocate my vision and my hard work would all be for naught!

It takes hard work and courage to be true to your purpose

It takes hard work and courage to be ready for greatness.

It takes hard work and courage to make hard decisions.

What about you? Do you believe in doing what you are called to do, even if you aren’t good at it or don’t feel qualified? Are you ready for that challenge? 


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