Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Let’s face it–in this day and age businesses no longer stand out when they have great customer service. Customers are demanding more in every capacity and customer service is not without scrutiny. Great customer service is no longer an accolade but an expectation. Customers are looking for a seamless customer experience and that is not a bad thing. It creates an opportunity for small businesses to shine. 

The concept of customer service has been overused and it is no longer profound or meaningful. That is why at The Centr– we have purposely avoided using that term. Instead of having a customer service department we focus on the whole of the customer experience within each area of the company. The customer experience is more than just a change of name it is a shift of perspective. It is not fixating on a single interaction it is the entire customer’s journey from the time they are first attracted to your business to when they become your biggest advocate.  

At The Centr, we are able to deliver a great experience to our customers because we understand who we are. We have interwoven the customer experience into our purpose, values and vision. We have designed each of our channels to operate in a manner cognizant of the customer experience. The customer experience resonates throughout everything we do and this sets us apart and is felt by those we do business with. 

In this episode Mia Paulus, Founder and CEO at The Centr, will go over her customer experience model (envision 3 interlocking circles) in detail. Then she will circle back around to tie it to innovation which she discussed in her last podcast which you can find here. Finally, she will expound on the customer experience as it relates to the human experience and share why she believes that every business out there should help be there to serve people to improve the human experience. 

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur and/or you have customers you will gain value by watching or listening to this episode.

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Are you stuck using an outdated model of customer service? Or are you struggling to attract your ideal customer? If so, it might be time to consider a change in how you view customer interactions! There is a lot to learn and discover as you explore this topic more.

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