Embrace The Uncomfortable

By January 20, 2021 Uncategorized

Have you ever been around the person who proudly proclaims “well that’s just the way I am” and felt bothered by that proclamation? If so, we understand. Alternatively, if you have been the person requiring others to accept your flaws, shortcomings, etc. with the previously-mentioned excuse this is not meant to shame you. Many of us have been in this place at some time or another in our lives but that doesn’t have to be what defines you. We challenge you to not sell yourself short! At The Centr we believe that the very essence of life is becoming the BEST version of ourselves. There is always room to grow!

Now how do you become the best version of yourself? Well that is a loaded question but we have found that tending to your four legitimate needs is a great place to start! Below are the four legitimate needs with questions to ask yourself to gauge if your needs are being met. 

The four legitimate needs are; 

  1. Intellectual: Are you learning, growing, gaining wisdom and knowledge?
  2. Emotional/Social: Are you connecting with other human beings?
  3. Physical: Are your basic physical needs being met? Are you taking care of yourself physically?
  4. Spiritual: Are you connecting your mind and heart? 

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above then one or more of your legitimate needs are not being met which can interfere with your growth! It is really hard to be successful or make a difference both personally and in business if you are not healthy.  

However, don’t be dismayed, you don’t have to make a radical change to adjust this balance in your life. Consider things you can readjust right now to balance these needs in your life. If this intimidates you, start with the smallest change and work up to larger, more impactful changes. But we challenge you to be courageous! It takes courage to be the best versions of ourselves. It demands that we try new things, be open, be vulnerable and sometimes it results in failure. It is uncomfortable. That is why at The Centr one of our core values is to Embrace the Uncomfortable. If you are personally willing to embrace the uncomfortable in your life and in your business you will be on the path to becoming the best version of yourself–which is pretty incredible! 


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