Find Your One Thing

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As business owners our vision has a tendency to get bigger and bigger the more we dream. It is so important to dream and get excited about your ideas but they are just ideas unless you can actually make them happen. You don’t want to get so lost in your dreams that you forget to DO. The focus of this blog is to help you simplify and determine the one thing that you can do now that will propel you forward toward your grand dream. 

First, there are a few important foundational steps to take that will help you with your focus.

Step 1: Define your purpose with a purpose statement. A purpose statement explains WHY you do what you do. What inspired you to start your business?

Step 2: Have a BIG BOLD vision. This is a vision that you may never be able to accomplish but make it something worth striving for. That way even if you just achieve a fraction of your goal you have still done something spectacular!  

Step 3: Set actionable values for your business. Focus on values that represent your purpose and vision but are also easy for your employees to act on. Your values should be simple and straightforward. If they are too obscure they won’t be impactful.

Step 4: Create a strategic mission plan. This is a short term mission plan that will help unify you and your employees on a particular path towards a specific goal. This plan will need to be dynamic and will change as time passes.  

Once those foundational pieces are in place then it is time to figure out how to simplify and focus on your one thing. Entrepreneurs have an incredible ability to see the big picture as it relates to what needs to happen to accomplish their future goals. However, this ability, while good, can pull you away from the laser focus needed to do what you do well in the present. Here is how you simplify your focus back down to one thing in your business and in your personal life.

One Thing in Your Business

It takes some thought to determine what the one thing is that you need to do in your business to take it to the next level. For example, it could be profit, safety, revenue or process driven. There are a million different options for the one thing you focus on. Brainstorm those ideas–if it is a long list really pick apart each idea to see which supersedes them all. This will help you narrow down to one important thing that you can focus on. If you have a larger business or corporation you might have each team come up with one goal that goes towards supporting a bigger goal. This helps you build momentum as a business and really start to get things done. 

One Thing in Your Personal Life

We all have four basic needs; physical, spiritual, intellectual and social. Within each category what is one thing that will help you make an improvement? This helps you continue to balance all four needs while still growing. If one of your four basic needs is in need of more attention then make the one thing you do in that category more substantial.  

It is easy to get overwhelmed in our personal and professional lives with all of the things we could be doing to better ourselves and our business. But when you point your energy towards a singular focus it makes big goals seem more accessible and things start to happen. Stop getting hung up on all the details and just do one thing now.

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