From All About Business to All About People

This blog is going to be a breakaway from the normal. Some might find it convicting whereas others find it empowering. Regardless of how it hits, we challenge you to take a minute to read and think. 

To begin with we love that businesses are shifting from all about business to all about people. But as individuals we also have a lot of work to do! People and businesses should be able to post on social media without fear of other people tearing them apart. What would happen if we stopped and focused on spreading love and seeing the good in things rather than hate and judgement? Think of how our environment would change. There is a divide happening in the world right now between people who just want to spew more hate and those that want to bring about good. What side of that divide do you want to be on? If you are a person interested in spreading positivity and putting goodness into this world then below are a few baby steps that you can take to get started!

Step 1: Find Each Other

If you are like we are then your goal is to try and bring about more good and the hard thing about that is sometimes it means removing the toxic people in your life. Banning them, asking them to stop, distancing yourself, whatever that may look like it can greatly help you to distance yourself from those draining your energy. Those that want to be better and practice empathy and compassion let’s find each other. Then we need to really pay attention to how we are acting in life and in the comments section. Let’s have talks around doing good for humanity. It doesn’t require a political affiliation nor does it have to be offensive–it can be universal.  

Step 2: Remove Contention 

If you again want to care about others and pour positivity into the world, another great place to focus is on removing any contention or hostility that you may have. Whether it be in your workplace, social media, at home, etc.–remove the hostility. When you are unsure try to practice assuming the best in people, first. Even making that change can drastically change how you act towards others. So many businesses are losing employees because contention is making the work environment unworkable. People would rather lose money, or take a risk then remain in misery and that is sad. 

Step 3: Create and Innovate

If you have done both Step 1 and 2 then you can bask in the glow of an already dramatically changed environment both in you and around you. Now all that is left is to figure out how to use your talents to create and innovate in a manner that will help others.

There is so much good happening in the world and so many people who are ready for it. So Let’s get back to caring so people can start trusting again. Goodness (just like toxicity) has an overflow effect. Your goodness will flow to the people around you which is then passed to their family, friends, etc. So spreading goodness and positivity is worth it! Even if, at times, it stretches you.

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