How the COVID-19 Outbreak is Shifting Corporate America to the Virtual World

By March 31, 2020 April 20th, 2021 Entrepreneur, Lifestyle

There are a lot of people home today that don’t want to be…and probably a fair amount not home today wishing they were. While businesses across the globe are doing everything they can to protect their staff and clients in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, I have to admit I felt a heightened sense of security as I worked from my kitchen table today connecting with teammates and clients across the US.

We are experts here because,  yes, we are 100% virtual, but please know we are not writing this to attract customers.  We are not seeking, inviting, or hoping that the circumstances of what our country – and the world – are facing somehow lead to profit for The Centr.

Our vision has always been more than that—a global vision to serve and empower others. W Amidst the fear and helplessness many feel today, we do, however, welcome being a voice of wisdom in the background encouraging you to embrace the virtual world in all its glory with confidence, professionalism, and maybe a really cozy pair of slippers.

Corporate America was my home for many years.  I fought traffic jams leading to elevators opening doors to a floor lined with conference rooms and filled with a lot of ties and business suits.  And guess what? Shhhh…I loved it.  Honestly, it was fun and exciting at that phase in life.  Fast forward fifteen years though – Now I fight drive-thru lines at Chick-Fil-A leading to a front door opening to a thousand – I kid you NOT – legos and a kitchen table that serves as my desk each day as I help make business simple for teammates and clients across the US.  And the most incredible part of it all—-We Get It Done!!!!

Here are our top 3 reasons you can too…

  1. Distractions are limited.  Sure, the doorbell rings and the dogs want out; but are those distractions greater than – or dare I say even close to – the distractions you face in a traditional office?  Not a chance. After allowing half the staff of a call center the opportunity to work from home for 9 months, The Harvard Business review stated the business owner discovered “that people working from home completed 13.5% more calls than the staff in the office did.”
  2. Transparency leads to efficiency and productivity.  High-performers thrive in the virtual world. Virtual teams that have compelling scoreboards and strong communication about performance and goals naturally produce and produce efficiently.  Even if scoreboards and goal setting is new to your company, most software systems have the ability to produce basic metrics, and the team communication part…well, we won’t rewrite that book. (HA! Did you see what I did there?)  Seriously, we have several books woven into our culture, and we would love to share those with you.  Check out our list below.
  3. Powerhouse teams are best built without limits.  If your team is local and strong, GREAT! But, if you find yourself looking for a unique skill set and struggle to find a match, imagine the possibilities if you could recruit from other towns, states, or even countries.  We have teammates from every US time zone on our team, and our team is the best of the best. Yours can be too!

If you have concerns about virtual work, but the relentless smell of Lysol has you intrigued about the possibilities…maybe it’s time for you to start thinking of ways you can take your company to the next level of productivity with a side of comfort.  Got questions? We’ve got answers!

We would love to share more about how “We Get It Done” and we really want to share how YOU can “Get It Done” too.virtually if you choose.

Meanwhile, check out our book recommendations below.  What books have been culture-changers for you? We would love to hear in the comments…

If you’re thinking about popping into the virtual world right now, or if your company has to go into the virtual world because of the COVID19 Outbreak…we have something for you that we know will help you feel supported during this time.

Our team put together a guide on how to go virtual right now, even in the midst of what’s happening around the world. We want to serve you with the knowledge that we’ve gained over the years of being virtual. We’ve done this for 5 years now and we remember the bumpy road. We want to help smooth that road out for you, help you avoid the speed bumps, and get you cruising into this new adventure in your company.

Even if it’s not by choice and even if it’s a little bit bumpy at the beginning, this might be transitioning your company to a whole new stage and phase that you didn’t know your company could thrive with. If you’re ready to take a peek at the guide, head over here and grab it!

A gift from us to you. We’ll get you cruising in this virtual world!

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