How to do Minimalism Differently

By April 6, 2021 Uncategorized

Minimalism has become tied with the mentality of just getting rid of everything. But that isn’t always the most healthy approach to being minimalistic. Yes, we should be able to get rid of things that don’t bring us value. But the act of recklessly purging because of overwhelm, over clutter or because a Youtube video told you to do it is not really solving the problem. 

If you think about minimalists they can be extreme in having nothing. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have hoarders who can be extreme in having everything. Though minimalism is the healthier of the two extremes both equally place their focus on stuff. Ultimately, the focus should not be outwardly on things but inwardly.  

So how can we have a more inward approach to minimalism? Simply by dealing with the clutter in our minds. Clearing our minds will cause a trickle down effect which will help all the peripheral things fall into place. In The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly he writes about our four legitimate needs which have to be met. The four legitimate needs are physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. When those needs are met that enables us to keep our mind in order. When our mind is in order everything else follows. With a clear mind we can easily discern what truly brings value to our lives.

Bringing these concepts back to entrepreneurship consider your role as the business owner and visionary within your business. You can’t adequately lead your business if you are unable to discern what would bring the most value to your business. You can’t discern what will bring value if your mind is cluttered. So rather than trying to find instant gratification–focus on balancing your needs, desires and talents. When you do this you can find joy and simplicity which will have a positive affect on your business and your life!

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