How to Go Virtual Right Now

By May 1, 2020 April 20th, 2021 Entrepreneur, Small Business

Picture this scenario. You’re working on the marketing team to build the company’s newest marketing strategy. Coffee in hand, you’re ready to enter the conference room to tackle this project. Your teammates express their excitement — eagerly waiting to drive the company in the right direction.

Sound familiar? You may not be on the marketing team, but you get the idea!

Now picture the same scenario, but everyone is working from home.

Do you think the team’s excitement is the same? Will the marketing strategy be less effective since people aren’t in the same workspace? What about their productivity and communication?

These are all questions that people have when they think about making the shift to remote.

And since we’ve had the last five years to build and learn as a virtual company, we’re confident that you can make the same change without seeing a lack of productivity or results.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what we know about going virtual…

Be Clear!

Worried about your team’s productivity if you go remote? Work culture is a struggle between the 9-5 we’ve known as the “norm” for decades. Remote culture turns that upside down.

Really, anyone can be productive or unproductive — no matter where they are. The real needs that are arising are:

  • Clear expectations
  • Clear deadlines
  • Clear communication
  • Clear transparency

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Your company needs to know what the mandated rules or margins are around communication. Which communication tools should you use, and when? Who do you invite or exclude in specific meetings?

Trial and error, as well as testing and collecting data, are the best ways for your company to thrive in a remote culture.

But with communication and collaboration in a virtual company, you can’t see facial expressions or body language. Make sure that people are being transparent and empathetic when they communicate.

Use the Right Digital Tools

The Centr thrives off of using digital tools like Slack, G-Suite, Hubspot, Zoom and more.

Find the tools that will help your team:

  • Communicate regularly with one another
  • Streamline processes for easy access to all departments and team members
  • Collect data in an organized and efficient way

Enhance Your Company Culture

Your company culture will be just as strong as a traditional workplace, and all it requires is commitment. Simple, right?

These are the 4 things that help our team build a strong culture:

  1. Empathy first: Sometimes written communication is hard to read in between the lines. Check-in with your coworkers to see if they want to chat over Zoom.
  2. Eagerly share transparently: Information makes employees feel safe, secure and seen. If you have information that can be shared across departments, schedule a company meeting!
  3. Ensure process: The best thing you can do for team members is to give them a process. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and will execute projects in a timely manner.
  4. Embrace delays: There’s going to be delays when you make the shift to remote. That’s completely normal! Whether the time zones are different or you need to wait to hire a certain person for the job, embrace the waiting period. Communication can still flow!

Being Productive

Will your team check their laundry or walk their dog every so often?

Probably. And that’s OK. It’s important to remember that remote workers are still human.

Just because you work remotely does not mean that you need to be available 100% of the time. That’s unrealistic, and no one would go remote with those high expectations!

Just like any workplace, it’s healthy to take breaks and engage in conversation with one another.

We love hopping on a Zoom call just to chat with a coworker, taking a midday walk to get some fresh air and going to the gym during lunch!

And if you’re worried about productivity, your digital tools should help you see if someone is producing work to meet their deadlines.

But in the end, going virtual isn’t as scary or intimidating as it seems. We’ve done it successfully for five years, so we know that you can, too!

Interested in learning more about working remotely? Download our guide to get all of our tips and tricks!

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