How to Go Virtual Right Now from the Team that’s 100% Virtual

Gain confidence through discovering how to be efficient, while getting the answers to your questions on how to transition to a remote company!

Is a remote company productive? Is technology really user-friendly? How are projects managed? How is my team managed? How is training completed?

We know you have questions – many questions, how do we know? We have been right where you are – 5 short but successful years ago!  We have learned what doesn’t work and for sure what does work. The success we have we want to share through: 

  • How to go remote right now
  • How to keep your company running smoothly
  • Which tools you need to keep the company flowing effectively and efficiently
  • How to keep up the water-coolers even when you’re not in an office
  • How to keep morale high and productivity higher

We have worked with and continue to work with businesses in over 25+ industries through the services we offer: marketing, accounting, Omni support, to developing employee experience programs. We have seen gaps in process, technologies, and people – we have developed a system that brings these three items together that leaves room for growth for your business.

What you’ll discover:

Understanding how to convey clear expectations, deadlines, and transparency from the beginning
Communication is different for each company – it will be trial and error, but we have some ideas that will make this smoother for your transition
Collaboration is key, you know that “team-work makes the dream-work” slogan? It’s one you will cling to
Digital Tools are endless, whatever you need, it’s there. You will discover our top tools and how we use them!
Company Culture is an area that we pride ourselves in. We are more than colleagues – we are a team that is encouraged to take “five” to catch up before tackling daily tasks. You will gain some ideas on how you can implement what works for you!
Productivity is something we dig into because let’s face it: it’s a BIG question.  How to truly promote productivity in the workplace can be connected to your employee engagement program. Make it fun, make it educational, but overall…make it fun!

Use this guide to align your questions with answers, to align your doubts with the reality that you can be successful. This is just the start of developing your business plans!

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