Is Teamsourcing Right For You?

Hiring in-house has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Just like outsourcing. However, a preferred method of outsourcing is something we call Teamsourcing. 

To decide if Teamsourcing is right for you let’s start with the end in mind. What is the reason you started your company? What were you hoping to be the advantages of being in business? We all start businesses for different reasons. A few could be:

  1. Having flexibility in schedule
  2. The ability to impact the world at a greater scale
  3. Having more time with family and friends
  4. The ability to leverage your time to have more freedom and/or money

Usually the reasons we start a business revolve around time, money, and joy. 

Change is happening fast. Competition is fierce in business. The way businesses operate needs to be redefined if they are to stay agile and innovative on the pathway forward.

Teamsourcing involves outsourcing the 80% that is the same in every business to specialized teams that are dedicated to a specific area of business. Despite all of our resources and tools to be more efficient, business is getting more complicated.  If we could remove all the repetitive tasks that are the same in every company…how much more time would they have to be innovative, spend time with their families, do more of what is important for them to do?  

Look at marketing as an example. Marketing used to consist of putting ads in magazines, television, radio, or print mail. You would create it, publish it, forget about it. Now you have to produce daily content on all the social platforms, run ads, understand algorithms that change often, and have an agile marketing strategy where content is constantly tested, thrown out, and evaluated.

It is simply too hard for companies to do it all themselves. It is difficult to find a “niche” when you have to be an expert in all these other departments such as marketing, technology, accounting, service and support, and human resources or employee experience. What if you could have one outsourcing partner that has specialized teams in all these areas so you could focus on what you do best? Focus on getting the time, money, and joy that makes owning a business so desirable. This is Teamsourcing.

The Centr is committed to helping businesses scale and grow using the Teamsourcing model.  We provide our clients with what they need to succeed at the 80% of tasks so that they are able to focus on the 20% of innovation and creativity needed to further their business in a competitive marketplace.  

If you would like to download our Teamsourcing PDF, showing how The Centr can help your business, click the Link HERE

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