Let Go. Be Strategic. Outsource.

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Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial to business owners and businesses of all sizes. It allows you to scale up or down with ease. It helps reduce lost revenue for recruiting and hiring. It broadens your talent pool and takes away the task of training–and that is just the beginning! But the purpose of this blog post is not to explain all the benefits of outsourcing. This is meant to be a resource to those who have determined outsourcing may be the solution for them! The goal of this blog is to provide you with a few baby steps that will help you let go and be strategic so that when you do make moves to outsource you can reap the maximum benefit! The sooner you start the process of letting go the sooner you can get out of the day to day and back into the creative space of a visionary.

Be More Strategic With Your To-Do List.

Step 1: Not How but Who

Stop fixating on HOW to get your To-Do List done and start considering who should be doing it. Sometimes the best thing you can do is delegate tasks through outsourcing or depend on your team for tasks that were traditionally yours. Not only does it free up your time as the business owner but it empowers those working for you by showing them what they can accomplish. 

Step 2: Eliminate Tasks

Take a hard look at your To-Do List and figure out what should be eliminated. Ask yourself, does it even need to be done now or ever? Is there a way to automate this task so it isn’t a daily, weekly or monthly item. Remember even 2 minute tasks can have a devastating impact on your ability to lead, create and dream. Pay attention to time, frequency and necessity of tasks and look for ways to eliminate or automate them. If you can’t put time into figuring out how to automate tasks that is also an area where outsourcing can be beneficial. 

Step 3: Trust Your Instincts

In an effort to be more strategic with your To-Do List make sure you aren’t removing items you feel called to do. As a visionary it is important to prioritize your instincts. Yes, there are fundamental practices that you can follow but ultimately you are in business because of your instincts so don’t let any process supersede that.

If you are considering outsourcing but still feel uncertain then take small steps. At The Centr the first thing we do with our clients is help identify quick wins we can make for them. This helps business owners feel an immediate sense of relief which is liberating. Don’t be paralyzed by the idea that you have to go all in with outsourcing right away. Start small, see if there are solutions offered that could benefit you, try it out and make a decision on whether or not to continue. 

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