Life of an Entrepreneur: Part I

By August 26, 2021 September 3rd, 2021 Entrepreneur, Marketing

Life of an Entrepreneur: Part I

By Founder and CEO of The Centr: Mia Paulus


This is part one of a two part blog series that I have put together of some things that I have learned along my 15 year entrepreneurial journey. Lately, I have been writing a playbook about letting go as an entrepreneur and it just made me realize–entrepreneurs do crazy things! It is wild to be an entrepreneur sometimes. The things we have to endure, put up with and do can be very exhausting and it is amazing what we are willing to put ourselves through. Obviously, life is challenging in many ways, but there is just a lot that goes into entrepreneurship. Usually, it starts with a great idea or concept and you think hey I want to bring this to fruition. Then you go through the journey with all the hiccups and you learn so much about the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful. Here is some of what I have learned.

Connecting Your Mind and Heart

I have been starting to think about the world right now and how entrepreneurship is changing. We are in this fast paced, competitive environment. With that, I started to reflect on what we are doing as entrepreneurs that is a disservice to us. And what I thought of is how much we rely on “experts” to tell us what to think and do and a lot of times we aren’t learning how to make decisions on our own. Sometimes we rely too much on experts to tell us what systems to create and how to run our business. While it is valuable to have outside advice, we still want to put it through the filter of our own mind and heart–which we don’t do enough. What happens is we listen to experts and we wonder why isn’t this working for us? But what we have to realize is that we all have our own product/service, vision and journey. So we have to put outside advice through the filter of our vision, our journey and our product/service. With that it is so important that we learn how to feel again. We have started to disconnect ourselves from pain, feeling and emotion and it is causing us to not be able to think as entrepreneurs and really create our own path. Be willing to feel the pain and hardship of entrepreneurship but also be willing to feel the joy and celebrate when the good things happen. Giving yourself permission to have the highs and lows in business is healthy. It allows us to really process and determine what it is we need to change. Changing, adapting and becoming better is such a necessary part of entrepreneurship it is what fuels our growth. 

Knowing Your Purpose

In the business world you will hear people talk a lot about having grit and determination and all of that is SO important as an entrepreneur but it should be coupled with a clear vision and a purpose. If I didn’t know what my purpose was in life. If I didn’t think that it was my calling to simplify entrepreneurship and business I don’t know if I could have pushed through all the trials and hardships during my 15 years of entrepreneurship. You hear a lot about businesses quitting when they are so close to success. You have to have the sure foundation of knowing why you do what you do, what you stand for and where you want to go. Then with certainty and determination you can push through all the learning experiences along the way. Business is about solving problems, being resourceful and learning from it. It’s also important to never discount the human experience and feel. Take time to feel and pay attention to how your employees, customers and partners feel.  

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