In this blog we are writing specifically about sales and marketing–which is a very broad topic with a lot of information. So the goal with this blog is to help you start developing some grounding philosophies and principles. Once those are established you can take some tactics and run with them! Ultimately, we want to challenge you to think differently about sales and marketing. 

To begin with, it is important to remember that business is made up of people. It can be tempting to get so focused on strategies that we forget to step back and remember people. The human experience is very much a part of business. At The Centr we define the human experience as the customer experience, employee experience and the strategic partner experience. Imagine those 3 experiences are interlocking circles (like on a Venn diagram) all of which make up the human experience. It is important that we view those interlocking circles as equal, none more important than another. All three work together to improve the overall human experience. Your business is sure to grow if you can both solve a problem through your product/service and improve the human experience.

Now because we are focusing on marketing and sales we will dial in on the customer experience which is made up of three components; marketing, sales and service and support. In today’s world customers are in search of a seamless customer experience and there are very natural ways to make that happen. Gone are the days of the clunky sales process that involves passing a customer from one department to another. Creating that seamless customer experience is much easier to do when customer driven departments (such as sales and marketing) are working together in harmony. Along with the seamless journey people want to be able to create their own journey. That is why sales and marketing can’t be two separate departments working off of separate numbers and strategies. Nor can one be chosen over the other as more valuable. They are BOTH valuable and both have to perform together. 

So what are some basic steps to get both sales and marketing rolling and working together?

Below are some tips to get you started.

You may not have heard the term inbound marketing but you have definitely experienced it. Inbound marketing occurs when your leads find your business and qualify themselves before they speak to anyone on your team. They do this by viewing your website, social media, landing pages, funnels, etc. Through these marketing resources they learn more about your business and either determine that they are interested in your product/service or that it isn’t for them. This can seem like a scary notion to some but with the right marketing that represents your vision, it should be more of a freeing experience than a fearful one. It simplifies the sales process and eliminates the need to make hundreds of cold calls for only a few conversions. 

You can also merge your sales and marketing areas through meetings and data. Or even hire  an employee (or employees) who have one foot in sales and one foot in marketing and who are good at relationship building. This employee would be on social media engaging with people and doing zoom calls educating them about your company. They should understand the purpose, values and vision of your business and the framework. If you are just starting out and you don’t have the ability to hire for a role like this then step in and do it yourself. Get your marketing going, start your sales process and eventually you can hire for a “smarketing” (a blend of sales and marketing) role and train the new hire based on all you learned in the sales role. The lessons you learn will be invaluable to you as your business scales. Ultimately, the key is to continue looking for ways to integrate marketing and sales together. Doing this will lead to positive outcomes and will be felt by all. 

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