What’s in a name?


For The Centr our name might seem like it is simply a trendy misspelling of the word “Center,” but there is more to it than that. To understand it, you have to first know The Centr is not the first name we have had. The Centr was previously named; Bachman Business Services, then The Admin Center and finally The Centr. First, we transitioned from Bachman Business Services to The Admin Center to have a more universal name. Though the name The Admin Center served us well for many years we found that over time we outgrew it. We became an outsourcing company that did SO MUCH more than admin work. That is when we realized a name change was in order. 


The Centr spelling is by design. Centr is a Latin root word that was used to create many other descriptive words we use today such as; center, concentrate, concentric, centrifugal, etc. The definition of the word “concentric” is “circles, gradually increasing in size, spread out from a common central point.” Similar to the definition of concentric, our goal at The Centr is for our energy to spread outward in a positive way. We do this through our vision which is to simplify the human experience through business. When businesses are impacted for the better that positive impact spreads. Though our approach is simple our reach is vast. By simplifying businesses we impact the lives of families, communities and ultimately the world. That is why our name, The Centr, truly represents what we do.

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