The Importance of a Brand Guide

If you own a business and don’t have a brand guide you SHOULD. A brand guide is essentially the guidebook on how to represent your business. It’s important for both internal and external purposes. It helps creators, shareholders, partners, writers, etc. So why is a Brand Guide such a powerful tool? Let’s get into it.


It empowers your team to align with your brand so you are speaking with one voice. It makes your brand more recognizable and reliable. It gives the impression that you have got it all together. 


It provides a sense of value and depth for your product or business. When someone can easily perceive the value they will get when they use your product or service then it makes the sale that much easier. However, it is hard to communicate value when your branding is all over the place. Rather than showing that you have an incredible product or service it can distract away from what you are trying to do and diminish the value of what you are trying to sell. 


It creates rules of use for your brand. What fonts, colors, images, style, tone of voice do you want to be represented and how/where do you want them. The rules can change as you scale but generally you are going to stick within the same realm to build brand recognition.


It provides focus by requiring you to commit to a certain representation of your brand. It is easy to want to go a million different directions as it relates to your business. It can feel exciting to reinvent your business brand when you see something new you like but that can be confusing to your customers both new and loyal. When you develop a brand guide it helps you stay true to your brand.

Ultimately, you can spend a lot of time making a brand guide but if it is not used it is useless. So make sure you have a team that is committed to consulting your company’s brand guide and you will be able to see consistency across channels. That will help clarify your message, build credibility and put your business on the path to success!

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