The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Virtual Team

By April 18, 2020 April 20th, 2021 Administrative, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Small Business

What if your company hired the best accountant from California, even though your headquarters is located in Florida? Or what if you hired the best graphic designer from New York?

No matter the size of your business, you should have access to a pool of talent to utilize on a daily basis. But when you have the largest pool of talent to choose from, you start to see your business growing and expanding more than ever before.

That’s why it’s so valuable to hire a virtual team.

You don’t need to limit yourself, or your business, by only hiring people in your local area. When you start to build your team virtually, you can work with people from all over the United States or beyond!

And if you’re worried about hiring or starting a virtual team, we’ve got you covered with our How to Go Virtual Guide.

But really, all you need to know is that an effective virtual team needs to balance people, process, and technology.

When you balance those three aspects, your virtual team will surely feel confident, efficient and happy.

But you probably want more information on how this whole process works!

Here are the steps for hiring and managing a virtual team…

Find the right people.

This is basically the same process if you were to hire for an in-house position, but it would be through a virtual meeting, like Zoom. You may never meet the interviewee face-to-face, so you have to be thorough.

TIP: At The Centr, we hire slowly. Our hiring and job application processes start on Indeed, then we move to a phone screening. Once our team reviews both in detail, we invite them to an interview. But more often than not, there’s two or three interviews with different team members — just to ensure the interviewee is a good fit. We want to bring in the right people with the desired skill set, but we also look for someone who would want to be a part of our culture.

Check in with your team regularly.

When you use tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Suite, you have similar contact as you would face to face. Using the right tools will help your team stay connected daily! Even in different time zones, teammates have the opportunity to check in and work on the same projects.

Checking in with these tools also allows you to see your team’s productivity and progress.

TIP: Set a daily stand up meeting for your team to discuss, strategize and plan together. Get everyone on the same page, and we promise your business will start to flourish.

Establish and document processes. 

Create standard operating procedures to promote clarity and transparency about how a team should get things done.

TIP: Have your HR team work directly alongside the executive team to ensure that the procedures and processes align with the mission, vision and goals of the company. This also goes hand-in-hand with how you serve your clients.

Building a virtual team is worth your time, money, and energy — especially if you want to see your business grow to its fullest potential!

And if building a virtual team by yourself sounds intimidating, then you’re in luck! You don’t have to hire a virtual team to enjoy the benefits of one.

That’s where The Center comes in.

We make business simple for you.

And when you choose to work with us, you’ll get to:

  • Work with a success strategist to determine the tasks you want to outsource. Our team is diverse, and we can help you with any task!
  • Receive results from experts in sales, marketing, employee experience, technology, accounting, and more — allowing you to see the activity and growth in your company.
  • Cross the hiring and managing tasks off of your list. We handle those tasks for our virtual teams so you don’t have to.
  • Focus on what you do best. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and we have the resources and services to give you your time back.

Whether you decide to build your own virtual team or are interested in outsourcing with our team at The Centr, we are here to help you navigate your way through it all!

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