Ways to Unexpectedly Leverage Your Time

If you are an entrepreneur and have spent time trying to find ways to simplify your business you are not alone. It can take years of trial and error to find a formula that fits and provides you with a solution that actually WORKS for your business. We get the struggle. We all know the saying time is money. In fact, as business owners we feel the pressure that is associated with that saying when we are trying to find business solutions. It is easy to focus on the financial but we challenge you to think even further than finances. Time is not just money–time is TIME. In fact–time is more valuable than money. You can’t increase time and it has no guarantee–so why would you want to spend it on anything other than furthering your passion? If entrepreneurs and executives had a way to cut down time on production and focus efforts on vision the results would be spectacular. Not only would that greatly impact their lives but the impact would overflow to the lives of those they influence. 

When you look at how businesses were operated 20 years ago versus how they are operated now it is astonishing how much more complex business has gotten. There are so many more elements that go into business. For example, business owners used to communicate with their customers in person or over the phone. Now businesses are expected to communicate with customers in every format for optimal accessibility that honors each customer’s preference. This requires businesses to not only be proficient in several different forms of communication but also to be ready to provide appropriate training to the employees involved. The same applies to marketing. Not only is marketing happening in more places but it is happening more often which  requires an increase in agility and frequency of new content. 

So the key to reclaiming invaluable time isn’t about figuring out how to work faster but how to work smarter. In the business climate of today you can no longer get it all done yourself. On top of that using “in house” teams for all aspects of business now requires a lot more resources. The increased complexity and rate of change associated with business operations leads to a need for more money and time…two things that businesses can’t afford in today’s competitive marketplace.

So how do you leverage your time? Here are a few tips.

  1. Be strategic about your to-do list by finding what you can remove from it [delegate, automate, or eliminate].
  2. Do an inventory of where you are spending all your time and rank it based on what you want to be spending your time on and what will give you the most money for the least amount of your time. 
  3. Use one outsourced business partner to delegate to (check out TheCentr.com for an example).
  4. Do a personal inventory. Don’t be afraid to hire someone to clean your house, do your laundry, or meal prep. Try out grocery delivery. 
  5. Make sure you have an expert you can work with when different situations and needs arise. A financial expert. An outsourcing expert. A babysitter. A mentor. A business coach. 
  6. Be willing to let go. Realize you don’t have to be an expert at everything and be willing to surrender control and give trust to others

There are opportunity costs in life. If you spend your time on the opportunities that provide you with the most value then you can focus on outsourcing the ones that do not. Those that can leverage their time to focus on their life purpose will find more joy, freedom, and money–and who doesn’t want that!

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