What is Customer Success?

By February 25, 2021 Uncategorized

Customer success is doing whatever it takes to ensure your customer achieves their desired outcome through the use of your product or service.

Despite popular opinion in the business world, customer success begins much earlier than the sales and onboarding process. These days consumers want to create their own journey by researching what they’re after long before they ever purchase. So if you want customer success for your business you need to provide resources to your ideal customer well before they are your customer. 

As business owners we have to be willing to look at the big picture as it relates to customer success. From the time they are just a stranger on your website researching your product/service to the time they are onboarding as your newest customer. It is not bad customer service to provide people with information to empower them as consumers. In fact it benefits you as a business owner because it is a way for you to filter out those who are not your ideal customer. Once we have empowered consumers, filtered out prospects to our ideal customer, and we have gained their business then we must meet their basic needs. At this point you can be confident in your ability to meet their needs as you are working with your ideal customer. Once basic needs are met then you can take it further to find ways to delight your customer in ways they didn’t expect. This is when the magic really happens, as time passes and you continue to meet your customers needs and delight them they will turn into your advocate.

When a stranger becomes your customer and ultimately turns into your advocate your marketing and sales processes get so much easier because now they are telling other people about you. This is why customer success is so important and why you have to start it WAY earlier than the sales or onboarding process. When you take the time to educate and screen prospective customers BEFORE they become your customers you help ensure they are the right ideal customers for you which benefits everyone.

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